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Young Artist Musical Ambassadors (YAMA) Programme

The MMST is proud to be hosting its Young Artist Musical Ambassadors (YAMA) Programme, which develops the skills and talents of gifted emerging musicians of the next generation. Its main cohort, from the Junior Academy of the Royal Academy of Music (where Chika Robertson is a professor of violin), is raising awareness of the power of music for health and wellbeing within families, care homes and communities. Further details can be found under PROJECTS/SONGTREES and on

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Leading Creative Collaborations

The Music Mind Spirit Trust trains musicians to facilitate creative collaborations through music.

Its Young Artist Musical Ambassadors (YAMA) Programme combines musical leadership and scientific research through exciting collaborative partnerships with eminent organisations including the Royal Academy of Music, X-System Ltd, University of Oxford, Southampton University, Bookham & Harrison Farms, Live Music Now, Character Scotland, and the Royal Society of Public Health. Close care home partnerships have been forged with Cedar Court (Cranleigh, Surrey) and Stonehill House (Haddenham, Buckinghamshire).

MMST’s ground-breaking work into Music and Leadership commenced with high-impact programmes at leading international business schools such as at Ashridge and Harvard.

In its ‘Leading Creative Collaborations’ programme, Paul Robertson explored some of the complex psychodynamics that underpin the creative process: the grace and charisma that characterise the public image of succesful musical ensembles belie the numerous tensions and jealousies at play within the personal and professional lives of the members. Paul was for 38 years a founder and leader of the internationally acclaimed Medici Quartet. He drew on this top level performance experience, together with his profound knowledge of Music and the Brain, to create unique insights into our innate ‘hardwired’ systems of Integrated Intelligence. In his engaging and absorbing presentations, Paul brought together analytic ‘cognitive’ systems thinking with more intuitive, or even ‘instinctive’ experience, to illumine the complex contemporary issues around Leadership, Organisational Intelligence and Creativity. As well as a busy international career of public speaking, corporate presentations and consultations, he frequently wrote and broadcasted. His original and passionate delivery (which always included an element of musical performance and illustration) took him into many different arenas. He was Visiting Professor in Music and Medicine to the Peninsula Medical School and an Associate Fellow at Green, Templeton College, Oxford.

Paul Robertson delivering a faculty lecture at Harvard Business School
Paul Robertson delivering a faculty lecture at Harvard Business School

‘Paul Robertson and the Medici String Quartet’ HBS 9-607-083

by Prof. Robert D.Austin and Shannon O’Donnell

“….I only had one major crisis in the Quartet that I considered to be an onstage musical crisis which happened quite late on. There was a great deal in the dynamic of the group that I was deeply unhappy about by then…In many ways it was the deepest crisis of my life, though it will seem like nothing to you I’m sure. I felt as if the whole truth of my life was at stake- what I spent my whole lifetime doing was at stake……’

‘Paul Robertson and the Medici Quartet –  permanent story link: